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We develop and implementing the new way to organized advertising appearance for new product, marketing strategy, brand positioning, communication strategy, and partnership program.

Philosophy, Vision & Mission

In this free rivalry and globalization era we must ready not only for product quality, but also company capability to escalate “Trust, Image and Reputation”, for that it need planning process which has to follow with continuously integrated compliance. The Core of success that we uphold is to have good cooperation relationship based on trust and recognition

PHILOSOPHY To be the quickest delivery media for information directly to customer. “See, Hear and Buy”

VISION To be the biggest selling information media in Indonesia for our partners with customer as direct object fully integrated and overall.

MISSION To spread widely the integrated and overall information. | To regenerate consciousness from the society by introducing and spread the partner product information as the customer needs.

To accomplish that mission we must have commitment to: Introducing our service solution for our partners • Complete our task by determine period of time • Reinforce image for Indonesian advertising media • Follow technology growth and implementation • Profitability

New Comers with Strength Points
Despite off PT.TELESINDO MEDIA is newcomer but the human resource behind it is full of experience and great capability. Various jobs and positions related with marketing information and communication before they joined PT.TELESINDO MEDIA. Backgrounded our willing to be autonomous, although people said we are new in this business but with full support from our human resource experiences and great capability makes us quick to adapt with the competition from this business. Typify characteristic which become guideline for this company is by doing task with fully focus on specialty we have and to cooperate between individual skills and team due to create best information services for the superior product makes PT.TELESINDO MEDIA feel confident will be able to compete in global society neighborhood. This issue also supported by building harmonious, profitable cooperation for all with any party as a partnership and using human resource that available with keep ahead professionalism, skills and experiences.

Main Object Keeping ahead and dedicated ourselves as information media broadcaster with services to partners comprehensively and transparently
Strength in Unique Able to actualize partners requirement by professional discussion meeting.
Cooperation relations To anticipate growing business environment in present or in the future, so will be able to grow in a good and healthy business environment.
Services Optimized the using of available human resources inside the environment as the actualization and serving to the society.
Quality Oriented on customer satisfaction and needs by keeping ahead the quality accuracy and satisfied result.
Facilities and Support

Over the years, we have invested heavily in the latest technology. Sound day-to-day management practices, too, have helped to enhance our reputation among customers for reliability and dependability.

As a way to serve our customers even more effectively PT. Telesindo Media has established branches office in 22 big cities around Indonesia, spanning the archipelago from end to end. Some of these facilities, situated in rather remote areas, were set up to supply only a certain range of needs for a specific customer or industry.

The expertise of our expert staff continues to play a vital role in maintaining our reputation among industrial customers. Rigorous in-house training also helps to ensure that our team members can provide customers with expert advice on process, design, equipment selection, maintenance and problem-solving. Right now, we are being support by expert Team in programming, networking, operating (technical) and in House Production.

In our industry, top-flight engineering skills are crucial. What's more, because satellite business is an especially skill-intensive industry, we regard our Satellite engineering department as vital to maintaining and upgrading excellence in broadcasting. Having Satellite engineering capabilities in-house frees us from dependency on outside resources.
Service And Product

Today's PT. Telesindo Media is a full-service company. As a result, our product line divides into three categories; they are set up Private Television and also are the operator of that private Television, broadcast Media and Data expert and House Production for ads, feature (TV) and Video. Superior technical capabilities, continuing innovation and a keen focus on high technology allow us to win new customers – and retain the trust of those customers whom we already serve.

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers. Helping them to succeed in their own businesses remains a vital part of our work.

And since many of Telesindo Media's customers lack the technological resources to do their own content management, our specialists' advice them on such matters as can. Until the customers feel satisfy.

Contact us and let us use our experience to help you meet your packaging needs, whatever and wherever they may be.
About US

PT.TELESINDO MEDIA is focused on becoming a fully integrated provider of satellite-based telecommunication products and services in Asia. With over five years of experience and support by Interlog Australia, PT. Telesindo Media was established on August 2008, which is based in Taman Palem Lestari block B 17 no 27.

PT.TELESINDO MEDIA itself is employing many experts from many countries. A significant 70 % of PT. Telesindo Media's staff is Indonesian, while 30 % of the others are from China, Singapore, Australia, Qatar, etc.

More than five years ago, the communication using satellite is a rare and unusual business. Satellite is the most expensive technology to use in communication business, and also there aren't many experts who can set up business using it.

PT.TELESINDO MEDIA PT. Telesindo Media is the first private satellite telecommunications company in Indonesia that could explore and achieve the business using Satellite. The company has developed many business strategy :
  • Use satellite to provide innovative communications solution.
  • Develop and improve the telecommunications and multimedia services.
  • Build a customer base by marketing its products and services directly to end users.
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